Swedish Riksdaler 1713

Swedish Riksdaler 1713


riksdaler 1713

Riksdaler 1713

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Swedish Riksdaler 1713 VF




The Riksdaler was a currency used in Sweden from the 16th century until it was replaced by the Swedish Krona in 1873. The Riksdaler was divided into 48 skillings, and it was a standard currency used for trade and commerce throughout Sweden.

In 1821, the Riksdaler was reformed and became the Riksdaler Riksmynt, or the Riksdaler Specie. This new currency was based on a silver standard, and it was introduced to stabilize the Swedish economy and reduce the inflation that had been caused by the Napoleonic Wars.

The the Riksdaler Riksmynt is a collectible item for coin and currency collectors, and it is highly sought after for its historical significance and rarity. The value of a Riksdaler Riksmynt can vary greatly, depending on its condition, rarity, and historical significance.

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